Welcome to Faith Bible College

We seek to help Christians develop their leadership potential, particularly in the area of identity, outlook and attitudes so they will be effective, sensitive and helpful in whatever specific line of ministry they move into. Faith Bible College is not just another school. In fact, its not just another Bible school. What is it that sets it apart from the rest?

Faith Bible College exists to produce servant leaders. As our Mission Statement declares we are committed to the task of preparing Christian leaders and workers for revival ministry worldwide, who manifest the character of Christ and who minister in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.

Another way that Faith Bible College is distinctive from other institutions is the strong balance of spiritual and academic disciplines. While some schools sacrifice the spiritual for the sake of the academic (or vice versa), Faith Bible College is strong in both areas. Faith Bible College concentrates on nurturing whole persons, developing their spiritual gifts and calling, together with natural gifts and abilities, such as academic and reasoning skills, speaking skills, manual skills etc. That balance is quite unique among Bible schools.

There is a great atmosphere at Faith Bible College for the dealings of God. Students can often be heard saying things like, God’s dealing with me in this way. While it is unlikely that Faith Bible College is the only place where this happens, the school does seem to be a place where divine dealings are normative to Christian experience.

One explanation lies in the volume of time that students spend in the Word of God. Students hear it in their classes; they hear it preached and taught; fellow students challenge them with it; and they experience corporate prayer where the focus is on God’s Word.

When one is continually confronted with that much of the Word, it will undoubtedly move in his or her life, and deal with the areas that God wants changed. There is a work that takes place in people’s lives, to form them for their calling. As ministers and missionaries in training, Faith Bible College students are formed for God’s glory, for His work, and for the establishment of His Kingdom. Faith Bible College is also distinctive in its commitment to the harvest. The dealings of God are for the purpose of fashioning servants prepared and committed to a work of Gods revival ministry worldwide. That is the end product toward which Faith Bible College is striving.

Faith Bible College also emphasises character and seeks to prepare ministers who manifest the character of Christ and the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. It is dangerous to possess spiritual gifts without Christian character. So Faith Bible College focuses on both, asking God to weave both into students’ through academics, through pastoral care and through staff and faculty involvement in their lives.

Each student comes to Faith Bible College with a measure of Christian character. Faith Bible College seeks to build on the foundation that parents and churches have already made, and works hard to help students expand the character of Christ in their lives.

Another thing Faith Bible College is noted for is the way that spiritual and academic training is put into practice. Consequently, practical ministry training is provided through weekly outstations and more extensive internship programs. That is where students learn to apply what they have learned on campus in real-world, real-life settings, touching the lives of people. This is clearly one of Faith Bible College’s strengths.

To sum up, Faith Bible College seeks to serve the Kingdom of God with leaders who are, first and foremost, servants focused on spiritual reality, but also academically competent, healed in heart, filled with the Spirit, fortified in a wealth of practical experience, and committed to labour in God’s end-time harvest anywhere.

We look forward to hearing from you soon! Blessings in Christ,

Des Short, D. D

Founder & Principal

Faith Bible College