Des Short

Role : Founder & Principal

Des Short is the founder and principal of Faith Bible College. He is also on our teaching staff teaching a plethora of subjects including: Isaiah, Song of Solomon, Pneumatology prayer and many more. Des Short is also one of the founding members and primary speakers for Faith International, the arm of Faith Bible College responsible for beginning and maintaining Bible Schools in India and Hong Kong.

Carley Short

Role : Co-Founder & Vice-Principal

Carley has been involved in Faith Bible College since its conception. Before that, she was an acclaimed singer and worshipper, even making her way into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame as part of the Fergusson Sisters Trio and Quartet.

She teaches subjects such as:

  • Women in Ministry
  • Prayer Dialogue
  • Spiritual Formation

Stuart Dreadon


Role : Academic Dean

Stuart is in charge of our faculty, academic systems and facilities, our library and our general curriculum. Stuart and his wife spent 10 years working in missions in India and currently run a tutoring business for highschool students.


Natalie Wye

Role : Registrar

Natalie is our College Registrar. She oversees the enrolment, class scheduling and pastoral care for international students.


Sharron Jessup

Role : Finances

Sharron is our finance administrator. She helps students with their fees, loans and allowances, and balances the College books.